Coastal Applications

Warning System

Vibrant warning lights and loudspeakers replace the current flag based warning system

HD Recording

360° of HD camera recording 24 hours a day, audio recording 24 hours a day, night vision, and 10X zoom

Call Box

Emergency call box includes a phone for a fast and easy way to contact emergency assistance

Data Collection

Temperature/humidity/wind and other data is automatically measured and recorded

Automatic Alerts

Audio and visual alerts can be set to activate once a certain pre-set criteria is met

Internet Access

Integrated cellular tower can be set to provide internet access to beach goers at a fee

Lightning Alerts

System can predict and alert to the danger of lightning strikes in the surrounding area

Control Panel

Control panel can be stainless steel and is Nema 4x rated to withstand outdoor conditions

The Technology:

This unit is here to revolutionize the current coastal/beach flag warning system while simultaneously offering a host of other useful services. Once this device is installed the audio and visual warning system can be both manually activated as well as set to activate automatically once any pre-set criteria are met. The inclusion of strategically placed HD cameras, loudspeakers, and lights ensures numerous methods of danger alert are available at all times.

This system can also sense the danger of lightening strikes in the area while also automatically collecting and recording related data points such as temperature, humidity, and wind. All of this this data can be viewed and downloaded by the user through a secure web connection at any time. Additional features of this unit also include a cellular tower built in which can serve as an access to the internet for beach goers.

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System Interface

Call Box PNG

Call Box