Agriculture Applications

Grain Data Collection

All critical values such as grain temperature, grain moisture and grain level are monitored and recorded with the data available to view and download anytime

Fan and Dryer Control

Customers can manually start and stop fans and dryers while off location or change automatic start and stop set-points remotely via user web interface

Grain Spoilage Detection

CO2 sensors can be utilized to detect signs of early grain spoilage.

Receive Alerts

Receive email or text alerts automatically for issues with fans, dryers, or possible grain spoilage.

HD Recording and Motion Sensing

360° of HD camera and audio recording 24 hours a day, night vision, motion sensing, and 10X zoom for remote bin monitoring and security from vandalism

Weather Station

Optional weather station can provide outside temperature, humidity and wind speed.


Designed to easily install and control most types of existing grain bin control systems. 


Micro, Standard and Max packages are available to fit your specific application

The Technology:

The Cellemetry Agricultural Grain Monitoring System redefines what can be done with grain bin monitoring. Once the system is installed users are ready to remotely view, monitor, and download all of their critical grain bin data points and measurements such as grain temperature, grain moisture and grain level. CO2 sensors can be utilized to detect signs of early grain spoilage. Dryers and fans can be automatically or manually  controlled and monitored by the users preset start/stop conditions. The system continuously collects and provides downloadable historical data for the owner to view on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. The system also allows control and troubleshooting of the equipment to be done without ever having to physically visit the location. All systems include a cloud monitoring service which can send a text and email alarms when user defined alarm conditions are met. Several additional features of this system can include up to 360 degrees of high definition cameras with 10X zoom and local storage for video that is easily accessible from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Recording can be initiated by motion sensing with night vision for after-hours monitoring or issues with vandalism. A fully functional weather station can provide local temperature, wind speed, and humidity levels. An emergency phone system can be provided for workers as well as a help button which can be set up to contact the main office for information or assistance.

Data Logging CO2 Levels on IPad