Industrial Applications

Data Collection

Tanks levels, current, pressure, running totals, etc. can be monitored and downloaded


Designed to work with all industrial equipment. Pumps, utilities, generators, motors, etc.

Reduce Travel

Remotely control, monitor, and troubleshoot your equipment at your own convenience.

Receive Alerts

Receive email or text alerts after pre-set conditions are met.

HD Recording

360° of HD camera and audio recording 24 hours a day, night vision, and 10X zoom

Remote Control

Users can start and stop systems remotely as well as change set-points at any time

Emergency Phone

Includes an “outdoor voip” which holds an emergency phone and help button connected to a web based PBX system

Control Panel

Control panel can be stainless steel and is Nema 4x rated to withstand outdoor conditions

The Technology:

This system is ready to revolutionize modern oil and remote field monitoring. Once this device is installed users are ready to remotely review and monitor a variety of equipment data points including motor currents, tank levels, pressure, running totals and more. While continuously collecting and providing downloadable data for the owner to view at any time this system also allows limited control and troubleshooting of the equipment to be done without ever having to physically visit the location. With this ability users can actually start and stop systems, or change set-points as needed remotely. These units are designed to be compatible with most industrial equipment and will end up being a permanent solution for your remote monitoring, control, and integration needs.

Several addition features of this system include a cloud monitoring service which sends out text and email alarms when certain set criteria are met. Up to 360 degrees of high definition cameras with 10X zoom mounted on the poles with local storage for video that is easily accessible from a secure iPad, secure smart phone, or secure web browser. Recording is motion sensing and has night vision for after hours that will not affect turtles. This allows users to view impoundments, environmental variables, and even vandalism if it exists. An emergency phone system for workers as well as a help button to contact the main office for help or information. Email and text alarms can also be triggered from this as well as needed. This call box is a outdoor “voip” and will work with the included web based PBX phone system as part of our service. The control panel can be stainless steel, uses secure locks, and is rated for Nema 4X and can withstand the outdoors.

System interface on an iPad